Welcome to Tactical Tarot

I am an intuitive tarot card reader based in Lancashire in the UK. I can read for you wherever you are by email, telephone or Skype, while readings are available in person if you are local. All readings are by appointment.

I have been reading professionally since 2006 and handle all kinds of personal, professional and business questions. Occasionally I am asked to use my Tarot as an animal whisperer, reading in respect of the acquisition, care and behaviour of  – to date, horses, ponies, dogs and cats.

Whatever the question, my aim is to deliver a directly useful reading based on what I sense about you, your past and current circumstances and likely future developments and trends.

Why Tactical Tarot?

What might be your best response, choice or plan faced with a challenging situation? I use Tarot to help identify that best strategy. Sometimes you need to make a decision in an information vacuum, but how do you decide when you don’t have key facts, or your head doesn’t agree with your heart or gut instinct? 

My readings take nothing away from free will. The aim is only to support you in moving ahead with greater clarity and confidence, avoiding costly false steps, saving you energy, stress and often, even money.

About this word ‘Psychic’

The word simply means ‘breath’ or ‘soul’ deriving from the ancient Greek ‘psyche/psychikos.’ The same root gives us the word, ‘psychology’.

I do not need to know anything about you in order to read for you. I do not need a question and am perfectly happy to start ‘cold’. I expect to identify any pressing issue or concern, but to get the most from your reading, please fully use this opportunity for exchange and dialogue. Tarot is an Art not a Science. My feedback suggests I am 90-95% accurate in terms of forecasting, but  ‘psychic’ does not mean the opposite of Reason or common sense. As Einstein famously expressed it, ‘Intuition is Master, the rational mind its faithful servant.