Tarot for Business

Why do people have readings, anyway? Why do people use such services at all? Well, why do we watch weather forecasts or play guessing games, or follow the Stock Exchange?  Why do people place bets on this or that? It’s in our make-up for dealing with the world. The human race has always exercised its wits in trying to look ahead, in preparation for readiness to meet opportunities or challenges.  Sometimes we don’t have all the facts we need, yet a situations demands we make a decision right now, even if it is a leap in the dark.

Forecasts detect trends. In the case of science forecasting, these are based on collated numerical data where the human mind intuits trends based on experience, observation, instinct and inherited memory. Science is now able to demonstrate there is indeed such a thing; memories can be held in the RNA and passed down the ancestral lines.

Business readings with me are supported by a BA Hons degree, post grad qualifications in Marketing, Teaching and Counselling and working experience in Copy-Writing, Teaching, Training, Marketing, Telesales, Recruitment & Museums.

The following list is not exhaustive but I typically handle:
•   Q and A Readings
•   Option Evaluations:  Does A, B or C look the best investment/likely client etc?
•   Traffic Light Readings:  Do I see a Green for GO, Amber for WAIT or Red for STOP!
•   Relationship/Recruitment/Partnership questions
•   Property questions

Should the news be unwelcome, please do not shoot the messenger.  The feedback could still pay dividends, sounding an alarm bell, and cautioning against a false step.

Tarot for Business