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The kind of reading you get depends not only on the abilities of your chosen reader, but their background, approach, disposition and interests.

My focus is on accessing insights to help get things unstuck: problem solving, decision making, analysis and evaluation. Some readers these days will not attempt forecasting but it is part of Tarot’s fascinating tradition, it can prove directly useful and helpful, and I am generally entirely comfortable to include it in your reading, though certain ethical and legal caveats apply as explained in my Terms of Service.

I began working with tarot quite late - in my late thirties. I had always been aware of but also been resistant to a certain psychic capability. This included some interesting and occasionally unsettling experiences; dreams of precognition and so on.

A health problem that began in my late twenties presented a serious personal challenge with chronic pain and loss of freedom and mobility, bringing some deeply unwelcome changes

What I found though, was as some doors shut, others swung wide, and that by digging deep in my efforts to cope, I somehow activated an innate intuitive sensitivity to a new level.

I decided to study the Tarot as a way of training that part of my mind to see if I could access it for conscious waking use. I began by reading for myself, then for family and friends and was approached by a journalist and asked to participate at short notice in a magazine feature. This took me right out of my comfort zone, reading cold under pressure but my professional service grew from there.

Tarot brings the world in through my door, as well as through my cards. It connects me with my communities, local and wider, and is a passion, an exploration and my work for life.

I am married with young, grown up children, and live by a busy duck-pond. There are many dramas, laughs and also tragedies but rarely a dull moment.