Terms of Service

Full MoonThe law requires me to state that all Tarot readings are to be regarded as being for entertainment purposes, and no guarantee of accuracy can be made.

You should be over 18 to request a reading. Proof may be requested.

I undertake to deliver a professional service, exercising all possible skill and care on your behalf.

Readings are requested on your responsibility. A reading is not a substitute for appropriate specialist legal, medical or financial advice. I accept no liability for the use you make of your reading.

Readings are made in confidence. I do not tape readings. You are welcome to take notes, but I request that you do not record readings without agreement. This includes Telephone and Skype readings.

I reserve the right to decline or discontinue readings for any reason at my discretion.

I regret I am unable to enter into personal correspondence.

In-Person Readings are payable in advance or at the close of the Reading session.

Distance readings are payable in advance.

How I Work

It might help to explain how I do not work. I am neither a fortune-teller nor a therapist. Readings may contain these elements but I am a practically minded Intuitive, secular in approach, focussed on what is helpful, available and achievable.
Forecasts are offered, not to entertain, though hopefully, a reading will be enjoyable and entertaining, but to help you plan and position yourself for the optimal future as I sense it. I will not unsettle you with dire, meaningless or unsolicited predictions. Be aware however, the Tarot speaks as it finds, Honouring this, I share the feedback with care, but truthfully. What you hear may therefore not be what you wished to hear. This is the risk when consulting oracles. Please do not shoot the messenger. 

Email me at info@tacticaltarot.co.uk if you have any questions.